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The coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing to be a growing concern for health authorities worldwide and we are seeing examples in a number of countries of its health, social and economic impacts.

Catholic Education – Diocese of Rockhampton (CEDR) is actively planning to manage the implications of this virus for our schools, kindergartens and services. While we hope to be spared the worst aspects of this health emergency, we must nevertheless be prepared for the challenges ahead. 

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Dental services are available through the School Dental Services conducted by Queensland Health. Regular, free dental care for all primary school children can be obtained at the Mobile Clinic during a specified time each year.

Students who are unwell should not attend school. Children with infectious diseases must be excluded for specified times and parents are asked to inform the school immediately. Click here to view the Recommended Exclusion Periods, produced by the Queensland Department of Health.


Prescribed Medication will be administered as directed by the child’s doctor or as set out on the original bottle label by the pharmacist. Panadol and other non-prescription medicine must have a pharmacist label pertaining to the student. Where children are required to take medication a “Letter of Authorisation” must be completed. Any medication to be administered must be directly sent to the office to be kept in a secure area. Only office staff or leadership team members can administer medication.

Please Note: Staff members are not permitted to administer the initial dose of any medication.


As we have students enrolled with severe allergies to nuts, parents are asked not to send along nut products in lunch boxes. This, along with a number of other strategies will be implemented to minimise risks for these students.


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