Our Staff 

Our staff gathers for Prayer on Monday mornings at 8am and on Wednesday afternoons from 3.15pm teaching staff are involved in their weekly meeting.  Please note that teachers are unavailable during this time and are required to attend these gatherings. Thank you for your support in allowing us this important time.

Leadership Team

Green, Tegan.jpg

Mrs Tegan Green


Tucker, Meaghan.jpg

Mrs Meaghan Tucker

Assistant Principal - Religious Education

Mrs Selena Cutting

Campbell, Evelyn.jpg

Assistant Principal - Curriculum

Miss Evelyn Campbell

Teaching Staff

Cooper, Bonnie.jpg

Miss Bonnie Cooper

Prep Red

Ambrey, Kelly.jpg

Mrs Kelly Ambrey

Prep Blue


Miss Hayley Sullivan

Year 1G

Boyd, Martha.jpg

Miss Martha Boyd

Year 1B

Hopkinson, Liz.jpg

Mrs Elizabeth Hopkinson

Year 2H

Grounds, Alice.jpg

Miss Alice Grounds

Year 2G

Weir, Clare.jpg

Mrs Clare Weir

Year 3W


Mrs Ellen Boyle

Year 3B (Mat. Leave)

Shields, Cassie.jpg

Mrs Cassandra Sheilds

Year 3B

Gibson, Shona.jpg

Mrs Shona Gibson

Year 4G

Sutton, Lucinda.jpg

Miss Lucinda Sutton

Year 4S

Campbell, Evelyn.jpg

Miss Evelyn Campbell


Robinson, Angela.jpg

Mrs Angela Robinson

Year 5R

Carew, Josephine.jpg

Mrs Josephine Carew

Year 6C

Casey, Mitchell.jpg

Mr Mitchell Casey

Year 6CN

Newton, Teagan.jpg

Mrs Teagan Newton

Year 6CN

Bell, Tracey.jpg

Mrs Tracey Bell

ESL Teacher

Connelly, Gwen.jpg

Mrs Gwen Connelly

The Arts

Butler, Shannon.jpg

Mrs Shannon Butler

Learning Support Teacher

Strong, Kristy.jpg

Mrs Kristy Strong

Teacher Librarian

Mrs Rhona Bechaz



Mr Michael Smale

School Counselor

Gregoratos, Natasha.jpg

Mrs Natasha Gregoratos


Ancillary Staff


Mrs Trudy Hunt

Locke, Amanda.jpg

Mrs Amanda Locke

McPhail, Paula.jpg

Mrs Paula McPhail

Gilmour, Kylie.jpg

Mrs Kylie Gilmour

Prep Assistant

Prep Assistant

Administration Secretary

Finance Secretary

Teacher Assistant

Browne, Vanessa.jpg

Mrs Vannessa Browne

Peters, Sue.jpg

Mrs Sue Peters

Mikkelsen, Renee.jpg

Mrs Renee Mikkelsen

Matheson, Alysha.jpg

Mrs Alysha Matheson

Teacher Assistant 

Teacher Assistant

Teacher Assistant

Teacher Assistant

Sihlberg, Noah.jpg

Mr Noah Sihlberg

Teacher Assistant


Mrs Helen Bonne



Mrs Iha Finau


Masters, Adam.jpg

Mr Adam Masters