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The school has an app which can be downloaded on phones and other devices. This app contains links to information such as uniforms, absentee forms, classroom updates and information, newsletters, as well as forms that can be filled in electronically and returned via the app. For the school pin to access the app please contact the school office or ask your classroom teacher.


The newsletter is distributed week 2, 5 & 10. This is electronic only. Please ensure the school has your current email address for distribution or subscribe here 


Parent Information Sessions –

Wednesday 1st of February (Evening) 2023

Parent Teacher Interviews –

Week 9 Term 1 and Week 9, Term 3

Report Cards –

Final day of Term 2 and Final day of Term 4

Report Cards can be accessed via the Parent Lounge


Parents are encouraged to maintain contact with class teachers for the purpose of discussing their children’s progress. Teachers should be given sufficient time to prepare for interviews to make them as productive as possible. Appointments with the teaching staff may be obtained either directly or by contacting the school office.

Seesaw App

Weekly notices, classroom updates and photos, and champions of the week will be shared by the teachers.

Contact your classroom teacher for more information.

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