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The Tuckshop is operated by our Parents and Friends Association. This is an online canteen only and operates on Fridays. Subway is available through the online canteen on Wednesdays.

Cut off times are:

Subway Wednesday 8am the day of.

Tuckshop Thursday 8.30am for Friday order.

Friday Late Order Option - limited menu - cut off is 8.00am Friday

If you can spare some time please contact Rebecca Mackenzie on 0429 440 676 or let the school office know. We would love to have our volunteer pool grow!

2022 update

Please be aware that our menu is limited this term due to constraints placed on our Tuckshop volunteers due to government Covid regulations. At times stock shortages may impact our menu and limits will need to be placed on some food items due to the limited availability of food items. We appreciate your support and patience as we navigate the 2022 school year.

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