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Our School Song

Copyright Brad Butcher Music 2014

St Brigid inspires gentleness and strength.
A protector sent from God above.
Through her eyes we learn of life through creation,
in the garden of her love.

Verse 1
Her hand always there, open and strong,
when we stumble and fall on our way.
Her words softly spoken, setting us free
shining light on our darkest day.      Chorus

Verse 2
Her faith in the Lord, belief in what's right,
patient, faithful and true.
The path that she leads, is bathed in God's light
and fit for me and you.              Chorus

Every whisper, Every prayer
She is there, we are never alone
Every moment, Everywhere
I feel her there, guiding us home

St Brigids School SongBrad Butcher Music
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