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Student Protection 

Catholic schools are committed to the holistic care of all students. We believe that all persons are created in the image and likeness of God and have inherent dignity. Catholic Schools aim to be communities of care where the safety and wellbeing of all students is promoted and protected. Many parents seek enrolment in Catholic Schools because the care and protection of the students is embedded in our ethos and values. Parents are encouraged to work in partnership with the school to establish a child safe culture and associated procedures. All students have a right to expect that the school will always protect them from any kind of harm. Student protection and wellbeing is paramount in all Catholic schools. 

The Student Protection Contacts at St Brigid’s are:

  • Mrs Tegan Green - Principal

  • Mrs Meaghan Tucker - Assistant Principal Religious Education

  • Mrs Josephine Carew - Teacher

  • Mr Michael Smale - Counsellor

  • Miss Kelsey Galloway - Counsellor

Further information about Rockhampton Catholic Education’s commitment to Student Protection is available below:

Student Protection Contacts

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