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St Brigid’s expectation is that homework is part of the curriculum. Homework will not be exhaustive.


  • To encourage children to choose to use and organise their time in a healthy balance.

  • To consolidate and reinforce work given at school.

  • To develop a healthy attitude towards study time.

  • To allow children to develop positive study habits.

  • To inform parents of student progress.

  • To allow parents the opportunity to be partners in their child's continuing education.

TIME ALLOCATIONS (To be used as a guide only)

  • Years 1/2/3/4 10 – 15 mins

  • Years 5/6 15 – 20 mins

​Teachers will outline their homework procedures at their Parent/Teacher information meeting held in Term 1 of each year. At other times parents should consult their child’s teacher in order to familiarise themselves with the procedure in each class.

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