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Located within the Diocese of Rockhampton, St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School was established in 2014 as part of St Patrick’s Parish Emerald. 
Along with the belief that the spirit of God has been in this land since the dawn of time we acknowledge and remember the presence of the guardians of this land: the traditional owners and we give thanks for the many blessings of this land on which our community is built.
At St Brigid’s Primary Catholic School the Brigidine charism is embedded in the mission of our school. In order to immerse our school in the teachings of St Brigid the children needed to know her story and how she embraced and accepted all she encountered. Our school motto, ‘Gentleness and Strength’ identifies the need for our school community to act with gentleness to all but with the strength to do what we know is right. Our teachings focus on the four virtues of St Brigid; Peace, Compassion, Charity and Faith.
We give expression to the defining features of a catholic school through actively participating in local parish activities, parish masses, combined school masses and being explicit in our teaching of the Catholic way of life, celebrating our diversity of culture. We further nurture our caring community and inclusive partnerships through our support of the missions and working in conjunction with the local St Vincent de Paul and Neighborhood centre.


Statement of Special
Religious Character

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