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During the year, teachers may invite parents to assist with class or school activities. If you would like to volunteer your help please feel free to approach your child's teacher/s. To support parents in this task the school provides a brief induction sheet which is located at the office. Each class teacher will outline procedures for relevant tasks. If you have any talents that you would like to share with the school community, please make this known to the staff.

All volunteers at our school, including parents, are required to read and assign the Volunteers Induction before assisting in the classroom.  This can be located in the front office.  Please speak with one of the administration staff or Meaghan Tucker for more information.

It is mandatory that all volunteers other than parents of our school who work with students at St Brigid's have a Suitability Card for 'Working with Children'.

Click here to visit the Blue Card Services website and download the Blue Card application form.

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